Enrollments integration (workshops, events, etc.)

To integrate your MINDBODY enrollments (also commonly called workshops or events) on your website include the following code.

<div id="mbplugins-enrollments-widget"></div>

The enrollments displayed can be filtered:

  • By program ID using the data-program-id attribute
  • By enrollment ID using the data-class-id attribute
  • By staff ID using the data-staff-id attribute
  • By session type ID using the data-session-type-id attribute
  • To show the resources (rooms) in the overview, add the data-show-resources attribute.
  • To show a single enrollment you can also use the GET parameter to filter by enrollment ID. To do this add the data-use-parameter attribute. Then you can get a single enrollment by ID by adding the following to the URL:

The ID's can be found in the admin panel of MINDBODY.

For example, the following code will only show enrollments with an ID of 2256 and with program ID of 10.

<div id="mbplugins-enrollments-widget" data-program-id="10" data-class-id="2256"></div>

If the enrollments widget is working correctly, it should look similar to this:

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