Services overview

To integrate the complete overview of all your MINDBODY services you can use the following code.

<div id="mbplugins-services-widget"></div>

Custom pricing page

Do you already have a pricing page, or do you want to create a custom pricing overview?

You can use custom product links to redirect to the Mollie checkout page. To create a custom link you need the MINDBODY product ID. You can find these IDs in MINDBODY under Manager Tools > Links > Online Store - Series & Packages (or Series and Memberships)

Below an example link from MINDBODY. The product ID is the number after “prodId=”.

When you have the product ID you can create a checkout link as shown below.

<a href="#" class="mbplugins-checkout-btn" prod-id="1364">

Important: the checkout only works with product links where stype is 41.

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